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Mark Remembers the Civil Defense Drills!

That’s right,Mark, get inside, and when there isn’t a basement (which I think there is…  tunnels, anyway…) take shelter inside an interior doorway!  Mark probably even remembers climbing under his school desk to protect himself from an atomic bomb!


So with Baldy reunited with his money, stowed, apparently, in a bed-roll, he wears a smile that we haven’t seen, probably, well, ever…


Yea, see, I’m just gonna sashay on up to the bar, order myself a couple of shots of rot-gut, and get the next stage outa here… see??

One thought on “Mark Remembers the Civil Defense Drills!

  1. I’m sure that Allen is having a good laugh at our expense, while we wax unpoetically at Mark’s continued pandering to the two crooks that abducted him, rather than taking advantage of the many opportunities he’s had to bring a quick end to this epic. Clearly, Allen has a surprise twist of an ending in store for us.

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