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Mark? Mark who?

Finally, a reference to the ONE, the ONLY…  the MARK


And why are you so sure, Johnny?  Why would Mark go the CHURCH?  Because he is a particularly religious man?  Never mind that you are correct (despite the fact that he got waylaid into the SALOON…) it’s nice to see that we might even be closing the circle here?  Oh, such a tease you are James Allen…

Completely off topic (other than it involves Mark…) below is an animated piece done by a true fan…  and if I’m not mistaken, it uses a storyline from a pre-Allen period.  No sound, and wait for it to load…


2 thoughts on “Mark? Mark who?

  1. If the storm hits?! Didn’t it hit about three weeks ago? If not, what caused the windmill to topple and whirl like wayward sawblade across the landscape?

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