Well, duh?

Oh the ink and time that is wasted on idle and meaningless prattle…


…but when the medium is largely digital, there is no cost, other than time… which as I pointed out yesterday is exceedingly precious, especially in light of recent events…  We never know when our number is up, when fate or evil will strike…

I went to a Celebration Mass last week for a co-worker’s father…  65 years old.  Heart attack while hiking, for god’s sake… While it was largely a traditional Mass, the service closed with a quote from Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse 5, wherein Billy Pilgrim becomes “unstuck in time” and travels to the planet Tralfamadore and learns that time is meaningless.  He learns that everything that has happened , is happening or will happen is actually all there in real time…  that “death” as we know it, doesn’t carry the weight we think it does.  Tell that to the people who were just mowed down…  and those left behind to deal with it.

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