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Going up…

Here we go, kids, hopefully to something more moderately interesting…


Needing a Tetanus Shot?  C’mon Johnny… you should have one every ten years…  Just like Mark was admonished by Doc before we ever got going on this “adventure…”  Yea… that was 7 months ago…  good lord…

One thought on “Going up…

  1. Did anybody notice Allen’s unusual (and symmetrical) take on the thought balloons? It is uncommon, not only for the symmetrical arrangement in the first and last panels, but also for the changing angle of the circles that appear to tilt away, as they approach Johnny brain box.

    Is this merely a happenstance of reverse-tracing or a really a bit of clever design on Allen’s part? I’m willing to give him the benefit of a doubt, as it is too obvious to be merely accidental.

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