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Mark’s Magic

Mark’s power of suggestion is getting to at least one of them…


Almost like Jedi Mind Tricks…  He lures people in with the power of suggestion… suggesting that he knows more than they do…  Again, this is a ‘new’ Mark… I prefer the old one that led with his fists.

One thought on “Mark’s Magic

  1. OK, so at long last Baldy wants to get out of there with his loot. But that brings us back to why the hell he dispatched his henchman from the back alley of Rapid City to the airport to get a plane, while he drove himself and Blondie and the loot to the same airport, to kidnap kidnap Mark at random from the car rental agency, to have Mark drive them to the Badlands, to impersonate photographers to join Mark’s horseback journey through a storm to the ghost town . . . all in order to have his henchman fly from the airport to the ghost town to pick him up with the loot!

    If the henchman was getting a plane from the airport, why didn’t they all just fly off with the loot from there in the first place?

    In what universe does any of this make sense? (Don’t answer: “In the Trailverse!”)

    Note that I’m not even asking about how any of this ties in with Dirty’s encounter with Ms. Hunter at the African airport and the cattle slaughter in the African savannah, which began this plot line early this year.

    Whew! Mr. Allen will have to pull an exceptionally large rabbit (ferret?) out of his hat to produce a satisfactory resolution to this story line.

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