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Nothing he hates more…

…than being called, “Cop…”  “That’s Sheriff to you, Mr. Clean…  I don’t stand for re-election every 4 years to be called Cop, thank you very much…”


So with Mark held Hostage (Hey, that’s Rusty’s job!!) we are again left to ponder for a day or two how this will resolve… Hey, I know, Mark, why don’t you wheel around and take out Baldy at the knees?  Do you really think he’s going to shoot?  I don’t.  And what about you, Johnny?  You are chasing Blondie who has voluntarily taken herself out of the picture for now, posing no threat.  She can be mopped up later… You’d do better to get the drop on Baldy as his attention is now fully on Sheriff Stober.  But hey, what do I know??

One thought on “Nothing he hates more…

  1. Right on, Dennis. Apparently Trail is so caught up in the moment, deciding whether to simply warn or save the baddies, that he fails to realize that he could have just ducked around the corner of the building they are beside and taken himself to safety when the shooting started. And what……oh, sorry. I once again made the mistake of assuming anybody in this strip—especially its star—showed any common sense. Silly me.

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