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I… guess he… backed off?

The Sheriff, that is… There are times this strip doesn’t move and then there are times that it jump-cuts to another dimension…  such as today’s installment where there would seem to be no concerns over Sheriff Stober and his long-barreled peacemaker…


This has to be the first time we ever saw Ol’ Baldy smile, too…  Fast forward to tomorrow’s (or next week’s) installment and we will see a rogue funnel cloud drop out of nowhere and take out the small plane… Whereupon Blondie races into Mark’s arms which gives him the opportunity to declare his happily married state… then onto the Ferret Fields?  One can only hope…

Oh, and on the topic of going nowhere fast, check out Judge Parker today…

JP 10232017

Can’t hardly wait ’til tomorrow!!

2 thoughts on “I… guess he… backed off?

  1. Well, I think you’re right about Stober: Maybe he backed off all the way back to the cave. His reaction times are pretty well shot, anyway (pun intended).

    As for the plane, any bets that it is a plane full of FBI agents? No?
    Dirty Dyer, then? Still, I think it is about time for Allen to check in with Johnny’s pursuit of the Notorious Blondie.

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