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Yea, but you are the one with the unprotected flank…

The Wildcard in all of this (for now at least) is Johnny “with the six-shooters” Lone Elk…  he’s been off camera for a while now, ever since going after Blondie…


Yea, shut up Trail, you are an annoyance, at best.  Learn some moves, man.  You’ve been a puppet for most of this engagement, with the exception of one spark of the Ol’ Mark… As the rain begins to fall again, we are left not with dialogue, but competing monologues- no one is interested in hearing what the other has to say.  Hmmm…  wait a minute, did I just land on something?  Did I not just sum up the state of the political world, with everyone talking past each other, trying to be heard above everyone and everything else that makes up the din?

One thought on “Yea, but you are the one with the unprotected flank…

  1. At this point in the story, do we really need a day that is purely and exclusively “padding”, with nothing said or done that has not already been stated and done?! This is a low, even for Allen.

    At the least, you’d expect Allen would give Trail and The Sheriff the benefit of SOME intelligence and have The Sheriff keep a bead on Baldie, while Trail looks for an opportunity to “duck and roll” at the first opportunity (many of which have passed like a ship in the night).

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