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Yea… just keep talking…

You’ll convince yourselves eventually.  Not that you have shown an ounce of concern over Rusty’s welfare, other than rescuing him from his abusive/ alcoholic father… from what we can tell, he’s kept locked in his room until it’s time for his appearances…


But anyway, off they go to Meh-Hee-Cho!  Let’s see what kind of trouble they can get into!!

One thought on “Yea… just keep talking…

  1. Well, it’s nice to hear the litany of activities from Cherry that Mark will definitely NOT be participating in, due to his upcoming Appointment with Destiny, er, Dirty.

    So Mexico is a “totally different culture” than anything that Rusty has seen? Clearly, he doesn’t get into town very often, or anywhere else, except his fishing hole. You must be right about his getting locked up until needed. Clearly, Mark is not interested in acting as his mentor, nor does he seem to be working with Rusty as his protégé.

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