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I don’t often eat apples…

…but when I do, I prefer the ones that are already rotting on the ground…


Rusty, Rusty, Rusty… Where have you been?  Where did you get that new… um… look?  You are the only person I know who sits on the ground in order to pick apples…  and has managed to gain the ripe old age of what?  10?  And not understand that the world is governed, really, by one thing- GRAVITY!  But we know that you have spent too much time in the Trailverse by uttering the time-honored, “Hungh!?”

2 thoughts on “I don’t often eat apples…

  1. Not that we see any actual apple trees around, but Rusty doesn’t seem all that much in a hurry to get back for breakfast, does he? And how many friggin’ apples does Rusty need to put on a few hotcakes, anyway? Based on the drawing, I’d say they are actually crab apples, a favorite snack of my wife.

    So now what: We have a giraffe running loose in Lost Forest? Or some creature from a Star Wars movie?

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