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OK fine!

As Rusty spills his news, he continues to be greeted with ridicule and scorn…


…and unless he has a history of spewing un-truths, the reaction seems a bit harsh…

So repeat after me…

There are no Giraffes in Lost Forest,

There are NO Giraffes in Lost Forest,

There are NO Giraffes in Lost Forest…

3 thoughts on “OK fine!

  1. Mark probably reckons that all of those Sunday “nature” strips he delivers are just so much wasted effort on the poor kid. No wonder he is always left behind.

    And note: Even the bloody cabinets are brown! I tell ya, there’s something to that!

  2. Daniel, your Thurber reference was brilliant.

    I agree, George, there must be something about the monochromatic world these characters inhabit that produces such odd effects on their social skills.

    To quote one of my favorite lines from 1954’s The Creature from the Black Lagoon (which happened to be in black and white, but also involved the discovery by naturalists of an unusual creature in the wild): “Why the brown study, dear?” Possible answers here: “You tell me, every room is brown!” or “I’m blue because everything is brown!”

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