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Are Rusty’s Ears Growing?

Boy, are Mark and Cherry going to be surprised when Doc comes in and declares that there is an ostrich-riding monkey on the premises…  Crow anyone!?


But seriously… are Rusty’s ears getting bigger?

And why is he being shamed into a confession that he knows is not necessary?  Poor lad…  C’mon, Rusty… Boy-up!  Tell Mark and Cherry where they can stick their doubts!

2 thoughts on “Are Rusty’s Ears Growing?

  1. Why would he make up a story like that? Let’s see: He is often on his own, or stuck with Mom and Granddad (woo-hoo!); Dad is away much of the time; he lives in a “Lincoln Log” house in the middle of a forest; his best friend seems to be a dog; he has no girlfriend that we’re aware of; and he gets bottom billing in the Mark Trail Family, just after Andy.

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