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Catching up…

On what I am not quite sure…  Sorry Campers, I was away on Bidness for a couple of days… Unlike Mark, I actually have a job!


Which is what normal people do, which is what gives them the right to actually go on a real VACATION!  Seriously, weren’t mark Cherry just on one?  In Hawaii?  When they were rudely interrupted by Abbey Powell and her ant problem?


Dusty and Cherry’s attempt at humor falls flat and, despite some off camera laugh track being applied, Mark is also interrupted but he sound of the big cat, come looking for the other ham-bone!  But what was Mark going to say?  “I don’t think you… know what normal is?


Today we are treated to a single panel of the Bengal Tiger getting tossed by the Rhino… I’m sorry, did I miss a frame or two?  I am just thankful that I was able to return with a triple-header, and didn’t have to comment on each of these individually!  I am now back for the dailies, campers, see you tomorrow!

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