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The only genuine expressions are found on the animals!

We go from wide-screen, 2.76:1 Ultra Panavision yesterday to the somewhat standard 3 panel presentation today, and well,, that’s about as exciting as it gets…


The evil Marlin is grimacing over “something you don’t see all the time,” while Cherry throws her sympathies toward the “poor cat…”  While an off-camera voice (Mark?) completes the color commentary!  It’s about now in a James Allen “Storyline” that we have to start asking “Where is all this going?”  I’m sure he hasn’t the foggiest notion and awaits inspiration from who knows where in order to direct the arc of this tale.

Please… for the love of syndicated comics, hire a writer!  There have to be aspiring scriptwriters somewhere that would love to take a crack at this!

One thought on “The only genuine expressions are found on the animals!

  1. Actually, I’m not sure that “Marlin” was seeing or recollecting correctly, as it looked more like a Rhino attacking a Lion, rather than the other way. Cherry’s odd concern about the safety of the tiger is something my own mother would probably had remarked, had she seen this happen on one of those televised nature shows.

    Say, how come none of the characters seems concerned about a rampaging rhino and a full-grown tiger running loose around their camp site? Hmmph! I reckon Rusty’s apple-picking affair might have had a different outcome had he come into contact with either jungle fighters, rather than the giraffe.

    But, I agree, Dennis. Mr. Allen, get a writer, or at least, a really good editor. And quit taking plot advise from your 10-year old niece!

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