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Poor Dusty

That jawline…  He continues to remind me of Dr. Zaius from the original Planet of the Apes!


Ready?  With clenched fists and flexed biceps, I’d say Marlin is itching for a scrap!  And what the hell does Jim have in his right hand?  A pointed stick?  The one from Monty Python fame?

2 thoughts on “Poor Dusty

  1. So, this seems to constitute all of the Game Warden’s instructions on how to safely track, capture, and cage a wild animal: “take care of the rhino.” Normally when somebody is tasked with “taking care” of something or someone, that usually results in a bullet to the head. Is that what Warden Dusty has in mind?

    And when did Mark get certified to work with professional animal wranglers, much less get field-promoted to group leader? I mean, Dusty didn’t issue his instructions to Marlin, right?

    Hey, guys! Mark is just a photo-journalist, for God’s sake! Everything he does results in catastrophe! Stick a tranq dart in Trail and go have a nice, boring Rhino hunt…or you’ll regret it!

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