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Rocky Bluffs!

Rocky Bluffs…  Didn’t he play Middle Linebacker for the Chicago Bears back in the George Halas days??


Nice rendering of the Ring-tailed Lemur… at least that’s what it looks like to me.  Except this animal is native only to Madagascar…  which would make it invasive in this picture…  so perhaps not.  Could be Coati… Who knows…

Well, with the entire Trail clan somehow stuffed into this Studebaker-turned-taxi, here’s what automobile.mag has to say about it:

The 1950 bullet-nose lineup came in three sizes, Goldilocks-style. Baby Bear was the Champion, riding on a 113-inch wheelbase; the Commander was Mama Bear, with a 120-inch wheelbase; there were 124 inches between the wheels of Papa Bear, the Land Cruiser that could be ordered only as a four-door sedan. There was no wraparound, Starlight-like rear window on sedans and convertibles, but as a consolation, four-door sedans got rear-hinged suicide doors in the back.

As this is a two door, let’s hope it’s at least the Mid-sized Commander model… and you are sort of right (as usual) Mark…  the car being over 50 years old… more like close to 70 years old…

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