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Well, this is BASIC…

Well, that trip went by in a blink!  Looks like everyone was crammed into the back seat!  I am sure it wasn’t hot, sticky, or at all uncomfortable…


Not to mention no screens…  no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine… I seriously wonder what a world like that would be like sometimes… Our current lives replete with oversharing and overreacting…

2 thoughts on “Well, this is BASIC…

  1. According to a recent Trip Advisor review, here is what you get at Azulik for $485 a night:

    “The bed linen was SO POOR I couldn’t believe the price I paid. I knew all the rooms details: no electricity, no AC, no shower… but poor linen, come on!!! A little bit of finesse would be good for that price. As well as the mosquito net which could be improved from poor poliester to a nice touch nest. The salty water for cleaning teeth and face wasn’t nice either… if you supply Rain Water for drink to the guests.. at least the sink water could be fresh.”

    That review fairly describes $10/night Boy Scout camps 40 years ago, though the camps always had fresh water. I wonder if Azulik comped James Allen for a research and promotion visit?

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