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Red Hair! Blue Hair!!

Let’s make up our minds, here!!


Mark has the BLUE highlights!! Please!

I am absolutely fascinated by all the different expressions that Rusty has been allowed to show through this story!  A regular Jim Carrey!

many Rusty

OK… I know!  too much Rusty!!  From eager to suave to perplexed to mind blown…


One thought on “Red Hair! Blue Hair!!

  1. Yup. I agree with Richard from yesterday: hard to see this girl as some young teenage cutie, the way she is drawn. But I’m going to skip the observation that it looks like Allen drew her face in front of her neck, rather than on top of it. Just check out that neck line behind her ear.

    Ooops. I said I wasn’t going to bring it up.

    Heck, I’m pretty sure that whoever colors this strip doesn’t consult with Allen, but one might hazard a thought that Mark made everybody die their hair for security reasons (“Excuse me Officer, did you see a goofy-looking boy with red highlights in his black hair, similar to mine?”)

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