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Listen to the Lady, Rusty…

As Mara speaks wisdom and suggests a less risky path, Juanito pops out from the shadows and lays a Cheshire-cat grin on his victims… Hostage situation?  You betcha!


And since when did Rusty sport the blue highlights in his hair??  What- is he a junior Mark Trail?

One thought on “Listen to the Lady, Rusty…

  1. WE are the hostages, Dennis! 🙂 This current story line (counting from when the Trails show up at the airport) is now over seven months and counting; over a year, if you start counting when Dirty shows up in Florida.

    You have to give Allen credit for having faith in the long-term memory of his readers. Then again, his story line moves along with the pacing of a soap opera. And I’m just fine with a story that takes a long time to unfold, just like the great adventure comic strips of the ’30s and ’40s. And as long as the unfolding is moving along at a good clip (i.e. more action, more development).

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