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And a left!

Let’s just say that Mark is not the “forgive and forget” kind of guy…  I am sure he never expected to be face to face with these desperados, and he wastes little time in showing them “how we do things downtown…”  I mean, good heavens, look at the aura that Mark is putting off!  He is PISSED!


This is certainly a two-fer.  Not only do we get to bust an antiquities smuggling ring, but we get to witness payback for a heartless act that left Mark, and us readers, in the dark (aided by mysterious bioluminesce and gypsum) for Months!  Our first introduction to the  r e a l l y  s l o w  roll of story arcs to come…

Well, once again, we have lived for months in the same day in the Trail-time…  I wonder if we will be treated to a sunset?  Do they get to enjoy the rest of their vacation?  I mean, the Trails just got there!!

3 thoughts on “And a left!

  1. “WHERE IS MY SON!?”

    “Uh, was THAT your son? He and some girl (who is obviously out of your kid’s league, no offense) were at the other door with a cop. We were just trying to get away when YOU showed up! So why don’t you just go find your son and leave us alone!? Besides, I was only trying to scare you away back in the desert! Nothing personal…!”

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