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Run, Juanito, Run!

Really?  Mr. American Gothic is going to go after Juanito the Mule?  Where is Raul?  He seems much more up to that task…


And what of the two that Mark punched out?  Looks like Jose II is coming around… and I doubt that he will simply stay down…

2 thoughts on “Run, Juanito, Run!

  1. Well, I agree. You just have to wonder: What the hell has Jose has been doing while Mark was cleaning up?! I mean, shouldn’t American Gothic at least have been putting zip ties on the culprits as Mark knocks them down? And why isn’t this “police captain” using his command authority to get on his phone and call for backup?

    As Dennis points out, Juanito hardly looks like the kind of person who should be running sprints, much less chasing crooks on foot. And his facial expressions in panels 2 and 3 exhibit uncertainty and worry, rather than determination and control.

  2. I think I know why the Captain didn’t ask Mark to go after the third guy: After all that fighting, the heavy clothes Mark is wearing in this tropical environment finally got to him and he collapsed (off camera) from heat exhaustion.

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