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Temper, Temper!!

Mark is still hoppin’ mad!  My son!  My son!  He’s not your son!  But it’s nice that you think of him that way… By the way, his name is Rusty, and there is another young soul that you might want to be concerned about…


The Old Library… Isn’t that where they are right now??

2 thoughts on “Temper, Temper!!

  1. I suppose Jose and Raul, the undercover cycle cop, forgot that they have cell phones that they HAD been using to stay in touch with each other. So something like this should have taken place:

    “Jose, Raul here. Tell Mark that I’m with the kids at the taqueria across from the Old Library.”
    “Jose here. Okay, Mark and I will be there in a minute.”

    And speaking of phones, how come Mark hasn’t tried to call Rusty? Mark doesn’t know that the kids used the phone to track the bad guys. At least, Cherry was concerned enough to call the kid once! Wonder why she didn’t try to call Mark when Rusty didn’t answer?

    So….where is the Professor in all this action? He seems to have faded.

    So many questions and so few answers. Well, time for Mr. Allen to fill in the blanks and wrap this up in his usual style!

  2. In a few days Mark will wrap up the entire storyline sitting in the Lost Forest cabin with Rusty and Doc, as Cherry serves hot quesadillas. Just like Carina, we will never see Mara again. Plotus interruptus.

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