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The head swivel!

And Mark’s not even trying to make a joke here…


OK, so we are on day n of “Mad Mark…”  I have lost track and once again evidence that we can’t not let a good idea go overused and exploited…  Maybe the kids will turn up by Friday?

One thought on “The head swivel!

  1. Hey, maybe THIS IS THE TIME when Dirty Dyer makes his evil re-appearance: He knocks out Raul and kidnaps Rusty and Mara. Trail’s tribulations continue, as he again vents his frustration and anger at everybody else except himself.

    Naw, no way Dirty could have set up this antiquities scam to get at Mark. That might be a tough call even for the Impossible Mission Force. It would be more likely that Dirty has infiltrated Lost Forest and abducted Cherry’s Dad. It’s been over a year now in “real time” since we last saw him, though in Trail Time, it’s probably only been a few weeks.

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