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Go fish indeed!

I guess we can add wet nursing to Raul’s many skills, including tearing through markets on his motorcycle and  jumping through unopened windows… Are we going to break out in song here?


How he managed to gain the trust of the youngsters is beyond me, but hey, we’ll probably never mop up all the inconsistencies of this storyline, including first and foremost, how did driver Jose get hooked into taking the kids on a tour in the first place?!  I mean there’s deep undercover, but then there’s plain dumb luck!  Please, please, let this be a wrap!

2 thoughts on “Go fish indeed!

  1. Today’s third panel is proof that James Allen enjoys messing with us snarkers. Doofus Rusty and Woman-Child Mara are all smiles playing crazy 8s like they are at a church picnic. Instead of building dramatic tension, we get a heavy dose of the absurd, just like the Cheech and Chong van.

    I hate that I regularly surrender a slice of consciousness to his intellectual abuse. Sharing the pain with you folks makes it a bit better.

  2. Well, they seem pretty relaxed! With flying fists, menacing guns, dangerous criminals, and Mad Mark running amok, the safest solution Raul can come up with is sitting down in a room at the scene of the crime and playing “¡Pesca!” with the kids. How much time has actually passed since Mark and Jose showed up at the Old Library to foil the plans of the artifact fencing operation? Maybe five minutes? But time enough to get acquainted, convenient find a deck of cards, and play a game usually reserved for children under the age of 10.

    So, how about those playing cards!? Hardly the standard Bicycle size, but most likely they are the traditional Spanish card deck (Baraja española), similar in size to Italian “Scopa” cards. So points to Allen for presumably knowing about them!

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