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Yup, Lying to Cherry, as Usual…

Poor Cherry!  Always being kept in the dark!!


But really?  How sad.  “Don’t tell your mother, or else we are all in trouble!”  Complete with the trademark “finger-waggle” and there you have it!

Let’s remember though that the last 6 months of “story” only covered half a day in the Trailverse… Cherry probably just finished her facial…

2 thoughts on “Yup, Lying to Cherry, as Usual…

  1. The question is, who gave Cherry the facial? Mr. Corday? Or was it the assistant who arranged transportation for Trail and the kids to the temple dig site? In all of the excitement I lost track. This would have been a much more interesting story line to follow.

  2. Meanwhile, perhaps Raul will offer to give Mara a ride back on his cycle. Why not? If anybody thought anything intimate would develop out of this bumbling affair, other than a polite goodbye (and good riddance) peck on Rusty’s cheek from Mara, they have not been following this strip very long. Poor Rusty seems doomed to remain in his prepubescent, innocent state of existence.

    Well, let’s hope that somebody at least recovers Rusty’s phone to prevent even more distress for the poor kid when he faces Cherry.

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