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Tent City


While they camp, and while there appeared to be a lot of daylight left where they could have put some miles between themselves and their disappointment, we get to eavesdrop on their conversation the next morning…


It still strikes me as odd that they have the pack space to each haul a family-sized dome tent… and if that’s Leola speaking on the right, I think the word you are searching for is dirty, not dingy…  dingy would be the fault of your washing machine, most likely…


One thought on “Tent City

  1. Well, if you’re trying to be comprehensive, you missed posting yesterday’s strip. However, from a contextual point of view, nothing of value occurred. The Wednesday strip might have never been published.

    Interestingly, the prediction that JJ has skipped out overnight has still not been confirmed, since the strips show only a few people at a time. And just WHO is tired of the desert? Hard to say, since the speaker on the left seems to be somebody wearing a bubble helmet. The shape on the right could be Leola or just somebody with crossed arms. So Allen is injecting some mystery for his readers!

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