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As we go from Red to Blue…

The Yeti? Is there only one? Is it a thousand years old?

Let’s hope there were supplies available! At least there were beds (cots, anyway…) and a change into matching blue jumpsuits! How awesome!

Are they still in their Jammies?

I have trouble reading all of Mark’s new facial expressions… Is he surprised? Happy? Who knows…

In case you were wondering where in the world we are…


One thought on “Progress??

  1. Everything seems so spur-of-the-moment. Wouldn’t – or shouldn’t – Camel have obtained all necessary permits BEFORE embarking on this expedition? And why would anybody foot the bill for an expedition before it had permission to even take place?

    Well, of course this is just a comic strip, but still, if Allen is going to keep making it seem like permits are there for the asking, shouldn’t he at least make some drama out of it? Why not have some officious person tell Camel that the trail is closed for the month, or they have reached their permit quot for the month, or maybe even hold up for a bribe? Allen should have put some more skin on this skinny bird of a story.

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