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Walking and Talking…

…and seemingly without gear…

Still seem to be traveling light…

I am picking up a deep-seated envy from Dr. Camel… despite his command of Social Media, and Mark’s relative lack of interest in it, he is picking up on the fact that Mark Trail is a household name- and international brand.

…not unless I see you first…

… that is unless you know about Microsoft and their efforts to help track and identify the Snow Leopard using technology

yes, it’s broad daylight… why would we want to continue on?

Genie, wasn’t it you who warned Mark that it was going to be cold once at elevation? Mark, why do you feel it necessary to continually point out the obvious? And dear reader, do you realize that we are already in our 4th month of this story arc?


One thought on “Walking and Talking…

  1. Funny: As you point out, some low-level official in Katmandu actually reads Mark Trail’s articles, yet Camel thinks Mark isn’t as widely-known as he could be. Irony, perhaps? Well, that official sure knows his flora and fauna statistics.

    And speaking of irony, is that snow leopard in the foreground something of a little joke on our intrepid group of hikers who seem to have missed spotting this creature simply resting on or under a tree, in plane sight?

    Otherwise, great catch on that Microsoft program, Dennis.

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