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Where do I even start?!

As personal wall tents (except for the Sherpas, presumably, who are doubling up…) appear out of nowhere, we are left to wonder whether there is a supply line tucked conveniently off-camera, providing for the traveling party’s every need, including that disposable plastic bottle of water is Genie’s hand…

…boy, look at those tents…

I see a roaring campfire, too, but fueled by what? Again, the supply caravan with loads of split and seasoned firewood? While we are invited to join Mark Trail on his latest “adventure,” it would be nice to not be constantly assaulted by illogical and inconsistent images. Assuming that anyone who shows even a passing interest in this strip might have spent some time on the trail him- or herself, one is left to wonder whether James Allen ever has…


3 thoughts on “Where do I even start?!

  1. Man, who uses those old-school boxy tents, seemingly just a steps above the ancient green army pup tents of untreated canvas? But, maybe they’re easier to draw. Maybe they use Yeti or snow-leopard dung, the way pioneers on the American plains had to use buffalo chips.

  2. Did you have to correct yourself, George?

    I was envisioning a unique kind of Himalayan igloo, warmer than the Inuit type, but somehow not as inviting.

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