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Hey look everyone, an AiT*

*Asshole in Training…


Yup, they call him Ol’ Bucketmouth…  Listen up, kids!

Rusty, here’s a chance for you to be heard!  Step up, child.  You of all campers should know how this little waif feels!  And this looks like it might be Eric, son of Frank & Ellie… why is it that the chaperones’ son feels especially empowered to be a jerk?

The art (lately) definitely feels more cartoonish.  That’s the only word I have for it…


One thought on “Hey look everyone, an AiT*

  1. You got that right! Cartoony is the word. And by the way, how would that bully know this kid is homeless? Is he standing on a corner with a cardboard sign? Does his t-shirt say “kiss me, I’m homeless”? Or is it homeless kids always have huge Bambi eyes?
    Heck, even rusty looks more dorky than ever. Alan must be using a ghost artist while he is on vacation.

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