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But there aren’t that many kids…

The only thing I like less than this guy’s organizational skills…


…is the look on his face in panel three.  Creepy!!

But seriously, there don’t appear to be enough campers to go around… and the way he is dividing them up, he is inviting cliques and tribes to form.  How long has he been doing this?  What’s the return rate from his sponsored expeditions?  Does anyone even care?

And is that Mark in panel two?  Other than his pink shirt and blue jeans, he’s barely discernable…


One thought on “But there aren’t that many kids…

  1. Alan has to be on vacation or is ill, because the artwork is definitely steps below his usual output. The inking certainly contributes to the awkward, if not amateurish, style.
    I agree with your assessment of this leader’s organizational skills. Are these three groups going to different places? And how do these adults know where to go? Did he really mean to just line up behind the adults?

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