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The land-line tells all!!

Colorizing the past and punctuated with older technology… I wonder if that phone is hooked up to a party line? News of Andy’s Lazarus-like return will travel fast…

With the news of Andy still breathing, Mark and his pink chamois-cloth shirt and jeans make like Clark Kent heading toward a phonebooth! Cherry continues to look on in disbelief, hoping against hope that her side of the story will never have to come out!!

Why aren’t they calling for Doc Davis? He might actually be able to do some good here…


2 thoughts on “The land-line tells all!!

  1. The caller only says that Andy is in bad shape and near death and yet Mark tells Cherry that Andy is badly cut. How does he know that?

  2. Where is “there”, anyway: At some ranger station? The deer trap? Perhaps that part was told “off line”, as being unimportant to moving the story along. And as you noted, it definitely IS moving along.

    Speaking of finding things out quickly, perhaps Bill Ellis will call the cabin right after Mark leaves (ie the next strip) and report that he heard Andy was found.

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