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In or out?

This isn’t the first time I’ve been confused, by the Trailverse or other things, but I swear that Jr. Ranger Tom appears to have put Andy and Tabby back into the trap and closed the door… It was just a few days ago that Andy and Tabby were outside the trap, with the door open, and tags being inspected…

And the trap seems to have been moved away from the lake. When the trap was first being inspected, the waters where practically lapping against the box.

For all the grief I gave James Allen during his brief turn at the tiller, inconsistency and incongruity seem to be a feature of this strip… And as the comments suggest, we are being asked to understand that there was an awful lot of information exchanged off-camera in order for Mark to even know where to go! But then, we should be grateful that this story is wrapping up quite quickly as we are being spared those gory details.


2 thoughts on “In or out?

  1. I am enjoying the focus on the animals instead of narcissistic Instagram shyster who was left for dead. Adding tortuous details only extended the pain. James Allen would have take a week to say — Excitable Mark “Andy is over by Aspen Lake!” — Vacuous Cherry “Do you think the leaves are turning yet?” — Mansplaining Mark “No Cherry, deciduous leaves turn yellow when cool weather reduces the concentration of …” — Distracted Cherry thinks — “I wonder if the lake has a pool boy serving umbrella drinks?”

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