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Well Campers…

…time to get back at it.

The foreshadowing of the insects on the windshield… should have seen that coming…

…as more than the prodigal return…

Clearly Happy and Mark have not been in touch for a while… as Happy’s greatest fear- a grandson- makes itself known…

But onto the lesson, and I was wrong- it’s not about owls:

By the time we are done here, we will know more about Florida than we probably all care to know! But hang on, kids, we are about to witness a flashback

Mark, as a youth, getting the heck outa Dodge? Haunted by one’s past! Can’t be much fun!

3 thoughts on “Well Campers…

  1. And I missed it!! I have added it to the “Confused” posting! I knew I had seen that… And Yes, I am confused!!

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