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Ship you?

Clearly I am going to have to learn a few new words in this new take on the Mark Trail journey… “Ship you and the peacock?” ‘Ship’ as in short for Relationship

“Driving into a storm,” though, should be taken both literally and figuratively, even as Mark (I am sure) breaks any number of laws Facetiming behind the wheel… Nice ride, Mark…look at that Station Wagon! No head rests! Two-tone! Analog instrument panel! Reminiscent of the Plymouth Grand Fury or Buick Estate… Now we are talking!


One thought on “Ship you?

  1. Clearly, Jules is making an insider joke here, relating the old-fashioned station wagon to the old-fashioned Mark Trail (strip and character). Perhaps it’s supposed to be Cherry’s company car for her business and Mark borrowed it in order to make all of his extra stops.

    So that means Cherry and Rusty will have to fly COVID Airlines, Flight 19, to meet up with Mark.

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