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Who’s your Daddy?

Best taken in threes… Like a full page from a comic book… Mark wades into the big muddy… and the snake attacks!! Has him by the arm! (…and I thought these where Pythons?)

Thank goodness for Jolly and the driver! Prying the snakes jaws open to release its quarry!

Awww… now Mark feels bad for having disrupted the snake’s day. And it appears that Mark’s ability to talk to snakes is well established…

The problem with Pronouns. It’s never clear (purposefully?) about whom we are really talking. First you (Jolly) say “Yes,” then you (potentially) contradict yourself, Jolly Roger. Who is (Who’s) not whose Father?! Back to the English Language… are we confused now? Who, Who’s, or Whose? Why?


One thought on “Who’s your Daddy?

  1. The coloring does a lot to temper the very harsh inking when seen in a normal b/w newspaper. But in other news…

    Jules seems must be relishing taking Mark down several levels on the All-Male Man Scale. We witness Mark impulsively (i.e. country bumpkin) jumping into a snake-infested swamp in a rain storm at night, getting attacked by a snake, then whimpering alone on the ground, while “real men” on the side snicker at him. I imagine this is causing a lot of distress for many Trailheads to see Mark so easily humiliated.

    Perhaps Jules thinks this is necessary to emphasize the coming contrast and conflict between our modern “sensitive” Mark and hard-ass Big Daddy Mark, who will look like the James Allen version of Mark, no?

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