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Trail Name Besmirched!

How interesting that Mark would be sent on this assignment, Bill Ellis and Amy Lee must surely know that Happy is Mark’s father…

Assuming that the protesters above are gathering to support Jolly, one has to wonder from whence the “Backlash of hate” emanated… Did the Senior Trail unleash a goon squad to consolidate and ensure his ongoing position of power?

Well, we can’t say that we aren’t going deep in this re-boot. Replacing the simple and expected with the complex and involved. I know that this change has been a tough pill to swallow, and who knows what kind of following this strip will engender, but here it is. The depth of the character development and the sharing of backstories is much more (graphic) novel-esque, consistent with the current author/artist. I, for one, am in.


2 thoughts on “Trail Name Besmirched!

  1. I agree with you. This is not the old Mark Trail comic, but that one seems to have run its course. This new version is interesting and those who expected to see more of the same are disappointed. Life moves on…

  2. Yeah, it’s tough seeing Mark go through this confessional and top it off with an actual melt-down, as if he’s on Dr. Phil or Oprah. Well, if THAT doesn’t kick Trailheads in the gonads, nothing will!

    However, the drawing of Mark’s hands in the last panel is clumsy; they look as if the bones were removed. That’s surprising, when the hands in the prior panels look well drawn.

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