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You’re confused??

How about your faithful fanbase? Or what’s left of it??

Mark, you are a little bit underdressed for the casino, aren’t you? But then dress codes aren’t what they used to be… Seems like Mark and Cherry have been keeping quite a bit from each other…

Recall $20,000 is the cost of the inpatient treatment that Cherry’s mom needs to get her Borderline Personality Disorder sorted… At least Rusty has company now! Never swim alone!

Mark if you are thinking of your father, then I think you better think again… Unless there is another character to introduce in this unwieldy plot line…

And, OH! I missed the Sunday Lesson: Owls!


3 thoughts on “You’re confused??

  1. Dennis, I think the faithful fan base of Mark Trail has left and moved on from this wandering moronic strip. If you look at the complete strips from when Jules took over to today there is absolutely no story line nor sense to it whatsoever. It is just abysmal. I did send a email to King Features to give Mark a proper burial. Of course that was ignored as I expected. I believe it will go on ad nauseam with no end to her story line. Just an ongoing purgatory of endless wanderings. I just shake my head. It is an travesty to the spirit of the comic strip. Let’s see if she does draw some owls for her Sunday strip as you guessed! Is nothing sacred?

  2. Dennis,
    Well, I have to side more with Mark at this point. The storyline, such as it is, is really off the rails. Hell, I’m not even sure if we’ve yet found out what grampa Doc was so worried about Rusty learning about him. And would Mark really go back to his Dad, the ersatz, now-obsolete, anti-Environmental Senior Mark Trail, after sinking his half-million dollar speedboat? Aren’t the police even still looking for him?

    Or is Mark Junior so delusional as to think he can get a HUGE ADVANCE from his employers?! Well, I used to make fun of Allen when faces of his characters seemed to change now and then. However, I think Jules has him beat in the “whose face is that, again?!” department. It’s like the entire Trail Clan are shape-shifters!

    I’m trying to remember the name of that editor who hired him to write the exposé. I wonder if she is wondering where Mark is and what he’s doing. Not that there has been very much of a time span. I figure it must be about two weeks by now in Trail Time. I hope he got photos of the cops and Daddy’s Hired Help pursuing him in the marina as he crashed into that conveniently-anchored “fireworks boat.” Should make an interesting side-bar to his story.

  3. kill this terrible, horrid attempt at keeping m trail alive…this is pure crap. it is racist, has white folks as typical florida white trash. and breaking the law, while running away from the police.. violent, domestic violence…and the drawing is awful..nothing good about this. i have asked my paper on a weekly basis to pull the plug

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