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The house is much bigger on the inside!!

Is it me, or did we suddenly travel to a new house? The Modest Ranch we encountered upon the green-wood-paneled Station Wagon’s arrival has suddenly blossomed into a grand foyer (pronounced foy-ay) complete with trophies… surprised there isn’t a stuffed manatee somewhere…

Meanwhile, Jolly and his daughter, who happens to be an attorney, plead their case about the “taking” and discrimination vis-à-vis their land…

Ha! Plot thickens! You are a mean old chiseler, Happy Trail! Admit it!

Apparently Mark want nothing to do with what is going on right now, even though it’s the reason for his being there- to write an article…

But what Mark does determine causes Happy to go all zombie in the eyes… and admit that he is mean and alone in this world…

Like I said, Mark and Happy must not talk much… A lot of water under the bridge, so to speak, and years of not seeing each other… could this be the beginning? Maybe even the end of this little yarn? Nice (O)possum!


4 thoughts on “The house is much bigger on the inside!!

  1. It appears Mark’s Tic Tac Toe game has left his cheek and appeared on his Dad’s. What is the deep meaning of that? I think this story line (if we want to call it that) will parade willy nilly around a various locations with no logic. I think there will never be and end to this yarn. It’s just a pinball machine with endless balls. At least the talking snake is gone….

  2. I hope Dennis keeps the faith. Watching this transition is interesting, even if you do not like the new product. I wonder how well it would do as a new strip, without its traditional foundation.

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