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Teaching Dad a Lesson…

Already scraping the barrel for content in the Sunday Lessons, I see… We have seen Frogs and Toads at regular intervals… The difference has never been a mystery to me. Bumpy vs. Smooth skin… Am I right?

And now we get to delve into the teenage mind… The old Rusty, stuck perpetually as a pre-teen, was only starting to lock himself in his room to look at on-line comics… But the new Rusty is predictably and constantly engrossed in his online life and presence…

<sigh…> We can almost see Mark’s exasperation as he tries to connect with his son, share with him what he finds fascinating… good luck!! Mark, you are no competition when it comes to Social Media!

Oh, the ennui. It drips from the frames… as Rusty only pretends to be paying slight attention!

Yeah, Mark, Why DON’T you get on BIKBOK?? Finding an audience has never been easier! Or is it? “Like for part 2…” blah, blah, blah… although I have to admit that Tik Tok has introduced me to some awesome recipes and woodworking hacks, not to mention the Cast Iron Cookware dude…


One thought on “Teaching Dad a Lesson…

  1. Is somebody else doing the coloring, or did Jules figure how how shading works? There is a definitely more subtle nuance to the colors now, and I like it, especially in the Monday panels.

    Well, let’s hope Jules has gotten over the “Hoist Mark on his own petard” kick and settles down to some stories that focus on The Now, not The Past.

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