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Weakly Trail

Wrapping up a few loose ends, like Cherry’s mom…

Rusty’s School assignments…

and whether Mark is now among “Florida’s most wanted…”

Not to mention that Strong Black Coffee still solves most problems, although now served out of a Mr. Coffee carafe, into substantial mugs, not the old style Commercial Bunn Globe into cups and saucers…

Ronan Farrow? The spawn of Woody and Mia, who outed Harvey Weinstein? I fear that’s a reference, and a bridge, a bit too far… But Mark sure looks like he is back in the saddle, complete with branded merch…


2 thoughts on “Weakly Trail

  1. I am willing to suspend my disbelief for this strip (surviving an airplane fall, months in a bioluminescence cave, open ocean skiffs, etc.), but Mark’s crime spree stretches my credulity. At least Jules should not remind us with the TV screen. Perhaps she has more planned for us.

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