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Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Chat

As another D-Day Remembrance commences and becomes ever more distant to people born several generations after that event in 1944, we arrive at the end of another week of “Mark Trail, Clueless Adventurer.” It seems, jus when Mark gets his head straight, somebody knocks it off its axis again. Poor Markey! Well, this past week has been spent getting Mark, Reptilionnaire, and Aparna, the naive programmer, into Cricket Bro’s offices, so they can reclaim/steal back a program (or a laptop, or both) held by Cricket Bro. Not so much a car race as simply an eco-friendly car getting run off the road by a fossil-fuel injesting muscle car, the three conspirators are hassled by Prof. Bee Sharp and his assistant, Diana “Kato” Daggers before being allowed to continue on. Thereupon, the two nerds are somehow able to waltz into off-limit offices while Mark gets hoodwinked, once again, into taking part in some kind of dubious video (which is what got him into this mess in the first place) involving a boxing match against Professor “Killer” Bee Sharp. But it maintains the “absurdist” ambiance which often characterizes life in California, at least to those of us who do not live there.

No surprise that today’s Sunday panel focuses on the puma we saw a few days ago. And note that the title panel pays homage to the famous “Hollywood” sign, which is also shown here. Puma “P-22” is, in fact, the designated name for an actual puma that haunts the Griffith Park area in Los Angeles where the Hollywood sign stands. I was not familiar with the term “Ghost Cat”, so that is some new information for me to file away.


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