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The Not-So-Fast and Furious?

Looks like we have hares a-plenty (or are they jack rabbits?) out here in Californian desert country. I’m wondering what that video is Diana Daggers was talking about and how it has anything to do with catching the Prius while it drives down the only accessible road out there in the middle of nowhere. It’s not as if they can suddenly take the second left onto La Brea Avenue, a hard right onto Olympic, and the first right on South Detroit. At least the hares were wise enough to remain up and out of the way of these maniacs.

Looks like they’re home free”, the caption brings up? Really? When was that ever a possibility, given they were caught red-handed, probably captured on security video, and certainly left enough fingerprints to satisfy even a pre-teen wannabe-detective. Yes, folks, that was me when I was around ten, walking around the house with my tube of talcum powder and my mom’s mascara brush, trying to dust for prints on every surface I could find. How successful was I? Let’s just say police work did not become part of my adult life, except for watching cop shows.

Well, are we going to have a repeat of the earlier chase-down? Or is there going to be a surprise inside this time? Perhaps we’ll see Cricket Bro behind the wheel or riding shotgun. Anything is possible, and I sure hope so!

I’ve yet to determine what illegal or anti-Nature action has taken place here, much less where Professor Bee and Diana Daggers fit into this scene. It all seems so out of Mark’s normal wheelhouse!  Why is he even involved in a plot for which he has no real knowledge, likely has illegalities attached to it, and offers him no significant outcome? All this just to get even with Cricket Bro!? Or does he think the readers of Teen Girl Sparkle will eat it up? Hope he got some pics, this time, but it looks like he has retained the prior Mark Trail’s propensity for not bothering with his Leica. Hell, even Spiderman used to set up his own camera to take pictures of his fights for publication!

Well, if Mark has any brain cells left, he’ll just have his ersatz friends convey him directly to the airport so he can catch the first flight back to Lost Forest, whereupon he can gape at Cherry’s equally crazy solutions to her problem. They can laugh at each other’s silly decisions. Maybe an eavesdropping Rusty will think “Dang! My parents are real blockheads!”


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