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Okay, we get it, already!

Day 2 of the “Wha’ happened!?”explanation. I’m going to take a stab at it and propose that Aparna’s two-day “seminar” is a sequence that got left out of the original escape sequence shown two weeks ago. And Rivera is now “backing up” the time to catch us up. Maybe. Still, Aparna might find it easier to push that hood all the way back to make sure she can be heard clearly, especially as we have two days of panels essentially saying the same thing. Sort of.

However, we have a bit of an information flub. Data aggregators are concerned with managing large amounts of raw data and producing quantified summaries. Handling binary programming code in not their function. They are basically large-scale data warehouses on steroids. So: Uploading Aparna’s programming code to a “coding forum” is reasonable. Then it would be considered “open source” for any programmer to compile or even modify. At that point, the compiled program could be made available to the public for the purpose Aparna wanted.

Data aggregators, on the other hand, would be used to store data recorded by Aparna’s program as it would be uploaded by users. The summary data could then be used for further study. Maybe Rivera has Aparna is simplifying the explanation for Mark, if we want to give this flub a positive spin. Or, maybe she wants to make Aparna not as smart as she thinks she is. maybe somebody gave her some bum data. To be fair, maybe I am all wet.

The third panel showing Aparna’s face from slightly below is nicely depicted, something that Rivera’s predecessors tended to avoid trying, as I recall. However, Rivera seems to still be working out the details for drawing animals. That hare in panel 4 could be a yard statue.


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