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Check! And Mate in two?

Welcome, Readers! I will be out of town this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Until I return, the Scarecrow—by virtue of his highly superior…er, that is, Dennis—by virtue of his starting this blog, shall post in my stead. Be sure to take notes, Readers, as there may be a quiz after I return. But until then, on with the show!

Oopsie! Cherry thought she was being clever with her sneaky plan to get her plantings redone, but put her cloven hoof in her mouth, instead. Surely, Cherry will be quick to come up with a believable response to her gaff, such as “A friend of mine saw the hogs attacking the roundabout when she was driving home from the movies. She slowed down but was too afraid to stop.” Or something like that.

Still, it sure looks like Violet Cheshire came out of her funk pretty quickly, don’t you think? Could she have been setting a trap for Cherry, all along? It is certainly hard to imagine that she would not consider Cherry as Prime Suspect Number 1. It is beginning to look like another mental chess game where Violet is playing the black pieces and has lulled Cherry into advancing too far, too quickly.

Still, what if Violet had not been sitting for days at Planet Pancake? What was Cherry’s Plan A? Clearly, this situation was a spur-of-the-moment opportunity (at least from Cherry’s point of view). But if this entire sequence was a trap, Cherry may soon be wishing she was somewhere else. At the very least, it would help make sense of what is going on.


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