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No fair! I get to swoop in and wrap up the story line!!

Faithful (and I mean Über-faithful) contributor George has been following this story for weeks… and well, it looks like I arrive as it’s wrapping up before our very eyes… Violet is on a flapjack bender, soaking her sorrows and troubles in griddle-cakes and highly caffeinated beverages, while Cherry is about to come clean…

Nothing like a dose of conscience to ruin a take-down! And it’s super funny how quickly Cherry is associated, without even a moment’s thought or question, with feral hogs…

Can you just here the “ding” that goes along with Jeanette the waitress/proprietor’s wink? I love the reference to flapjacks and coffee, even as Violet, with her chapeau back on, is going to have the worst gluten hangover of her life!! And where are the rest of the customers? Does ‘Planet Pancake’ survive on only the drive-by patronage of the Trails and (with) whomever they happen to be quarreling (with)? Along with offering to help put the round-about back in order, is Cherry going to pick up the tab?


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