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More on the beehive-headed statue

Giving credit where credit is due, commenter cellardoor on ComicsKingdom.com made a great point by referencing what is certainly the inspiration for the “accidental” statue + beehive combination Violet and Cherry uncovered.

It is a statue by the Paris-born, New York artist Pierre Huyghe, entitled Exomind (Deep Water) that was part of a recent traveling exhibit at San Francisco’s de Young Museum. As Rivera lives in San Francisco, I think the connection is a lock.

By the way, the beehive is real and is part of the statue’s assemblage—not an accident of nature. Thus, it is allowed to evolve naturally. The hive is monitored by cameras, 24×7, even when the statue is in transit between museums! For the record, these are Buckfast honeybees, not South American killer bees.


3 thoughts on “More on the beehive-headed statue

  1. Great post. Thanks for the interesting follow up. Perhaps Jules will give the artist some credit in the days ahead.

  2. Thanks for the credit, George! Jules actually lives in San Diego (after recently wisely moving away from the Los Angeles area). For what it’s worth, on checking my history, I originally saw the beehive statue on Twitter in early July (and perhaps Jules did too).

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