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Here is the Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Talk

So, we finally had our first actual action and adventure episode in the Oregon Vacation story (Don’t blame me for that prose; it was Rivera and her alliteration a few days ago that tempted me). Sure, Rusty’s Seaside Specter hunt looked like it might have been the real deal, but we can’t deny first honors to Mark, can we? Still, I hold out hope Rusty gets his adventure.

This action-packed week saw Mark racing across the smoky, fire-infested grounds of the burning lumber mill to locate the main power supply. Mark shut down the power going to some dangerous downed electric cables that had trapped mill workers (and his dad) from escaping. With Mark surrounded by cheering employees, Cherry made a surprise appearance to hug her hero, as is expected in the Heroic Tradition.

Thus, we got a brief, but noteworthy, Mark Trail Saves the Day adventure, the kind that might have appeared in a vintage Mark Trail story. I think this is also the first solo Mark Trail adventure since Jules Rivera took over.  I’m glad to see that Rivera gave Mark that opportunity as well as a win that for once was not obscured by satire, goofiness, or chicanery. Hmm, well it was a bit goofy. Anyway, before you click off, let’s jump to today’s nature chat!

Okay, that’s about a minute.
This is one of the best arguments for vegetarianism.
Oh, bugger!
Shouldn’t Rob Bettencourt have been the one to present this topic?
Looks like Mark finally sold out to Cricket Bro, just like Dad!
It’s what’s for dinner.

I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a cricket burger today.

Crickets don’t look like hot dogs. Hot dogs look like sausage. Make cricket sausage!


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