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Still just a naive kid

At least Rusty’s pajamas are not decorated with cowboys or clowns, but his aversion to relationships with girls indicates he is probably even younger than the vintage Rusty was, though not by much. This explains why he still likes sleepovers, rather than chasing girls.

As for this cryptid tale, it brings up questions:  If it is the case that a normal surfer dude somehow transmogrified into the SurfSquatch, where did the female SurfSquatch come from? Did she also start out as a surfer babe who hit the Big Wave the wrong way and came out as a SurfSquatch? Or is she some other kind of cryptid? Can cryptids of different species have sex? Is Rusty’s book even up-to-date on contemporary gender roles, so that “his beloved mate” has her own entry in the book?

Finally, what does SurfSquatch do in the daytime? Is he a bagboy at Whole Foods? A barista at Café Reina?


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