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I don’t get it!

Sometimes the artwork just doesn’t make sense. Last week, Rivera seemed more on the ball, more in control. Today, especially, this really does look like somebody else—clearly less talented—took over for the day. Either that, or Jules is having a bad week. I mean, this really does not look like it was drawn by the same person at all.  Even that window in panel 3 looks more like a painting that fell off the wall. Space, proportion, line, and details are all wrong. It’s like comparing the average artwork in the Charlton comics of the 1960s to the artwork in Marvel comics of the same time.

As readers know, I try to not be exclusively or even mostly snarky, especially with regard to the art. But I admit I’ve been having trouble trying to resolve the apparent inconsistent quality and styles in the panels, from one week to the next. A cynic might say Rivera is doing this deliberately, but I can’t see that. Rivera was a professional artist before she took on this strip. It goes against common sense for an artist to deliberately sabotage her own art or reputation. Again, it’s not like she doesn’t know how to draw. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary, even in the banner illustration of this blog site (though the illustration is a bit stretched to fit across the screen, I’m afraid). But this is about as bad as I’ve seen. Is somebody else ghosting the panels? That has to be the case!

Regarding the story, itself, I didn’t see Dad complaining about Mark working on vacation when he had to depend on Mark to save him and the lumber mill workers! Anyway, shouldn’t Dad already be aware of Mark’s research, since it was back at Dad’s house that Mark first expressed his displeasure and suspicions about Dad’s business relationship with the Crypto Brothers. Instead, Happy should be asking “Okay, son. Am I in the clear or do I need to get an attorney?


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